The Distance Machine
The Distance Machine logs some information about people's use of the site. This includes the titles of the texts uploaded and their lengths (measured in characters, words, and lines), the time when they were uploaded, the amount of time they took to process, and statistics about the results of the algorithm. We use these data primarily to make sure that the algorithm is working well with all of the texts that people are trying out. The Distance Machine does not presently log the IP addresses of uploaders.
Unsaved texts are deleted from the server within a few hours after the browser window is closed. If you save a text, it will remain on the server indefinitely; however, there will be no way for other users to find the text unless you send them a link. If you'd like us to remove a text that you have saved, please contact Jeffrey Binder.
This site uses Google Analytics to keep track of how many people are using the site and where _. You can read more about how Google Analytics works here.

Source Code
The source code for this site is available under the MIT license at GitHub.

Google Books Ngrams Data
This site uses some of the data from the Google Ngram Viewer. This data set is available for download here. It is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This site also includes data from the publicly available Phase I of EEBO-TCP, a large corpus of manually transcribed early modern English books. The version used for the Distance Machine was downloaded from this site.

This site incorporates data from WordNet. WordNet is freely distributed under the following terms:
WordNet Release 3.0 This software and database is being provided to you, the LICENSEE, by Princeton University under the following license. By obtaining, using and/or copying this software and database, you agree that you have read, understood, and will comply with these terms and conditions.: Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and database and its documentation for any purpose and without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that you agree to comply with the following copyright notice and statements, including the disclaimer, and that the same appear on ALL copies of the software, database and documentation, including modifications that you make for internal use or for distribution. WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. THIS SOFTWARE AND DATABASE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND PRINCETON UNIVERSITY MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. BY WAY OF EXAMPLE, BUT NOT LIMITATION, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT- ABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR THAT THE USE OF THE LICENSED SOFTWARE, DATABASE OR DOCUMENTATION WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY THIRD PARTY PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS OR OTHER RIGHTS. The name of Princeton University or Princeton may not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software and/or database. Title to copyright in this software, database and any associated documentation shall at all times remain with Princeton University and LICENSEE agrees to preserve same.
The version of WordNet used by this site was loaded from these files.